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I want to teach you something important…


I read an article on the guardian website today, it was called Top 5 regrets of the dying and to say it moved me would be too simple an explanation, it may, in fact I think it has, changed my life… At least a little bit! Before I prattle on please, please, please take time to read it yourselves!

One of the things that struck me hard and fast was that ALL the men regretted working so hard. Now I have been very blessed in the last 2 years, a twist of fate meant that I had the opportunity to leave an 11 banking career and start the photography business I had dreamt of for so long. My redundancy aside it would not have been possible without the total support of my husband. What worries me however is that he now remains in job that may pay well, be reasonable hours and not far from home, but does nothing towards allowing him to be the exciting, interesting, funny, energetic and wonderful man that I know him as.

As my children grow and get asked that dreadful question “what do you want to be when you grow up” I wonder how I will guide them… I don’t want them to choose one job, one career, one thing to be for ever. I want them to know that they can try lots of different things, that life is hopefully long enough for them to find a balance between a steady and secure income and spending their working time wisely in an environment that lets them be who they are and not what some company profile wants them to be!

Did you read the article above yet? If you got this far and didn’t then do it now, it truly is life changing, if you allow it to be!