Why does everyone else seem to cope with everything else 100% better than I do?


I’m hiding in my bedroom as I write this, it follows another dismal mealtime where the kids refused pretty much everything. Having tried the gourmet freshly made with lovely produce approach already this week I thought I’d give Heinz a go at my daughters request… Sausages and spaghetti! I’m sure Italians all over the world cringe at the description and pigs throughout the farming industry laugh at the claim to be a sausage!

I’ve long thought that pretty much all the weaning advice we get these days is ridiculously flawed! Introducing a wide range of new tastes and textures is supposed to make for a great and varied palate as they grow… Well that’s tosh! Mine we anything during weaning but have become fussy little trouble makers since learning the words ‘no’ and ‘more’ and ‘dip dip’.

I’m wondering if as bland a diet as nutrition would allow would not be better until they are at least 2 and then new flavours and textures might be thrill rather than a reminder that they are not having their favourite homemade spaghetti bolognese again tonight because they have already had it 3 times this week!

I have tried involving the children in cooking, telling them they get what they are given, smaller portions, larger portions, different plates, new cutlery, delicious puddings for empty plates, choo choo’s for delivering mouthfuls, songs and stories to keep them motivated, but nothing works, not nagging, moaning, shouting, crying or banging my head on the table.

The other weekend when we had a rare opportunity to all eat a meal together as a family my daughter did something incredibly annoying… “eat up Mummy, the carrots will help you to see in the dark!….. Finish your potatoes Mummy, come on I haven’t got all day!…. Make sure your plate is clear or you won’t get any pudding Mummy!”…. It was the single most annoying thing ever! Having someone watch and scrutinise every mouthful, to be constantly demanding I move onto the next one, to be in my face at what should have been enjoyable family time!

So… I’ve not cracked it yet but I’m trying to remember 3 really important things:
1. They’ll l eat when they’re hungry
2. They’re never going to like everything… I don’t.
3. Being moaned at to eat is really, really, really pointless…. And annoying!

As always tips from the wisest amongst you are welcomed!


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  1. Meal times are a parents vain of life! Little ones, and big ones like I have are a fussy breed! You spend hours slaving in the kitchen for them to turn their nose up at your offerings! All I can say is we all have gone through it and now they are old enough for me not to bother cooking for them, you will get there too! X

  2. Annie Louise, it is a tough call. We fed our daughter a completely freshly made diet from 4 months and she rarely turns what we prepare. She seems to embrace pretty much all that we eat, although I have to say she isn’t a great fan of meat unless minced! We don’t believe in giving the puree’s that are from the jar! Too frightened of what could be in them! She is now 18 mths old.
    Stick in there, keep up the variety, you will win!
    By the way, isn’t the title meant to read “WHY” rather than “WHO” ?

    • Oops thanks for the typo correction! And the comment! Mine are now about to turn 2 and 4, it wasn’t an issue when they were still babies weaning but to is now, fussy little monkeys!

  3. I read somewhere once that kids need to try foods 3-5 times before they “legitimatly” know if they like it or not. Something about developing senses or tastebuds or something or another.

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