Monthly Archives: January 2012

I could never have foreseen you!


I’ve umm’d and ahhh’d for months about starting a parenting blog. I have found it hard enough to keep up to date with my photographic blog but my head seems to be permanently swimming with thoughts, ideas and pondering’s of the parenting variety so here we go… feet first!

It’s been recent that I’ve found myself frequently stopped in my tracks in amazement at the small people who live in my house. Perhaps it’s their age, their sudden mental growth spurts or perhaps its something in me that has changed, but I am absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that those 2 small people are something I would have found impossible to imagine 4 short years ago!

Before you have children you tend to think about them as extensions of yourself and you theorise on whose nose they’ll inherit and whose intelligence they’ll be blessed with. Nobody tells you that the greatest surprise in having children is that you manage to create beings that are totally and utterly unique, they bear shadows of some of our features and characteristics but for the most part they are completely and wholly individual, they think for themselves and have their very own views and ideas, it’s really quite incredible!

My son attacks life (attack is the ONLY word to describe it!) with the physical vigour of a child much older, he leaps from one thing to the next, climbs to his next adventure, dances to his next location, runs from A to B, slow will never be a word he fully understands because to him movement, in any direction, must be fast, spontaneous and fun. He is utterly thrilling to b around and has taught me that sleep is for the tired, not for those who couldn’t be bothered, didn’t have the energy or thought they’d do it tomorrow. I never felt particularly skilled in the physical sense as a child, I failed at sports, was never picked first, fell over my own feet, in his 2 tiny years my son has taught me that I just never got one thing that would have changed everything….moving…is fun!

Our daughter also loves to move, particularly to dance, part of the reason for this is because she believes that princesses spend much of their time dancing, she would very much like to be a princess when she grows up but she has a concern, she knows she needs to marry a prince but she really truly wants to marry her Daddy and he’s not a prince is he? I tell her that he is my prince that she will find her own one day, she tells me that I can keep him till shes a grown up and then he’s all hers!

So here begins my journey in sharing their lives and my own with you, your comments are always welcomed, I look forward to getting to know you!